Born in 1901 hansgrohe is one of the oldest brassware manufacturers. With a solid reputation for innovation and quality hansgrohe is still today the world’s leading tap and shower manufacturer. With a turnover in excess of a billion euro’s worldwide hansgrohe still manages to maintain strong family links whilst being part of a larger world group of companies. Most of the product research, development and manufacturing takes place in Germany. Always ahead of the trend both hansgrohe, and their more design lead AXOR brand are responsible for setting trends in the bathroom market. Sustainable design concepts coupled with German engineering and tradition-based design maintain the values hansgrohe has been built on.


Hansgrohe developed the AXOR brand to denote more specialist and individual design. Originally employing the services of Phillipe Stark to create a unique range of bathing and showering products. The original Stark range is now considered a classic in the bathroom world. Now 17 years old it is still one of the bestselling ranges in the AXOR portfolio. Now joined by other esteemed designers such as Massaud, Urquiola, Citterio and other design houses from around the world the AXOR brand combines design influences, inspired by nature and the environment, with the latest hansgrohe technology. The use of water has always inspired hansgrohe technical teams to stretch the imagination and use water not only as a functional element but also as part of the wellbeing process.


The environment

As an IDinteriors partner we are encouraged to protect the environment. This not only means with sustainable packaging and reducing our carbon footprint but also with the manufacturers we use. Hansgrohe is an easy tick in the box. Every design innovation is about reducing the amount of water whilst maintaining the functionality of the product. They use sustainable packaging policies and reduce their carbon footprint at every opportunity. Hansgrohe have developed lead free alloys and recycle waste materials.


Shower select

A system developed by hansgrohe to make product use even more user friendly controlling the water in taps, shower mixers and bath mixers with even more precision. Turning on and off or switching jets or shower types becomes even easier.

Cool start

The best idea’s are always the simple ones. Cool start means exactly that – only hot water when you need it. This environmentally friendly addition to the range ensures your boiler only kicks in when you require demand for hot water.

Eco smart

Ecosmart products have been developed to reduce the water usage of the products wherever possible. With most products this is an option as functionality can be affected, not by much, but water usage is massively reduced. We have saved even small hotels and guest house a fortune in water bills, which ultimately helps the environment. Ask one of our designers about ecosmart.

Air power

When most environmentally efficient solutions tend to reduce performance hansgrohe have very cleverly combined the use of air power within the water to improve the overall showering performance and the enjoyment of the system. Adding air to water actually improves the volume of the water – the greater the volume the better the shower. Innovations such as raindance and powder rain have helped to change the way we feel about showering.


All hansgrohe and AXOR products are WRAS approved and meet with all UK, European and global standards in all area’s from flow rates to materials standards. Hansgrohe design takes the next step; not only are they concerned with design, functionality, efficiency and wellbeing but they also consider installation and how user friendly the product is for the fitter and the end user.



Originally designed by hansgrohe the ibox allows installation of concealed valves within the wall to take place at the end of the installation. This protects the valve and keep it clean while wall finishes are being dealt with but also means that any maintenance require in the future can be carried out without destroying the wall finishes.


A specialist mark from hansgrohe which denotes more generous proportions with sophisticated designs and technology to enhance comfort.


Lime scale build up is worse in some area’s than others but will always happen due to the minerals in water. Hansgrohe technology helps to reduce the lime scale build up easily and efficiently.

AXOR finishplus

Constantly driving to be different now within the AXOR range you will find 15 polished or brushed finishes to compliment any design or colour scheme. These new finishes, as you would expect from the AXOR product range are borne from totally new technologies and provide a stronger and longer lasting finish than the traditional chrome. Taking 12-16 weeks form order to deliver they will not be suitable for every occasion but for the more considered design they provide a lasting uniqueness.

Hansgrohe and AXOR from Bathroom Studio

Hansgrohe and AXOR products can provide solutions for every bathroom and kitchen. The product range is vast and covers all budgets and scenario’s. Bathroom Studio have many years of experience in designing and specifying hansgrohe and AXOR products for domestic and commercial situations and we will be happy to help and advise. Please contact one of our specialist designers by visiting the Studio, calling or sending in the contact form from the website link.