VitrA has developed a World-wide reputation for supplying a wide range of bathroom products from toilets and basins to luxury furniture and a comprehensive array of brassware since its humble beginnings at the turn of the last century. Practicality and functionality are at the forefront of every great design allowing VitrA to embrace the latest design influences while taking advantage of market trends and technological advancements. Now sold in 75 counties, its products are made to the most exacting standards,

Company History

This modest company was originally set in motion in 1909 by the pharmacist and founder Süleyman Ferit Eczacibaşi who started off by producing small quantities of bathroom products and colognes in his small house in Izmir. After a successful business was established, it was taken over by his son, Dr Nejat Eczacibaşi 30 years later and blossomed into a large pharmaceutical factory in Istanbul, fully establishing the forerunner of the VitrA brand.

In 1942 after the war, a small team is workers under Dr Nejat Eczacibaşi’s careful direction producing large quantities of ceramic ware fuelled by the boom in building and expansion of post-war Turkey. VitrA was born and continues to grow today thanks to its forward-looking ethics and ability to predict modern trends.

Today, it is firmly established as one of the premium award-winning bathroom manufacturers due in no small part to the design team it has assembled to create an impressive range of sleek and minimal product solutions to everyday cleansing.

VitrA produces over 5 million pieces of ceramic ware, 3 million pieces of brassware and a staggering 20 million tiles in its new factory each year now and employs the services of advanced robotic technologies that can be fine-tuned to meet exact requirements and preference of its customers.

Sustainability is top of everyone’s list nowadays and saving water is deemed to be a critical option when buying any modern toilet. VitrA has a proven track record in this direction and has created the Blue Life program to embrace its commitment to Eco enhancement which aims to cut water use without sacrificing performance. This commitment is refined further with its stance on using cutting-edge technology, new materials and production techniques.

VitrA Toilets

One of the essentials in any bathroom, the modern toilet has come a long way since its early design as a flushing closet. VitrA has been instrumental in its further development steering away from the old-fashioned, clumsy look and towards tailor-made solutions which convey a feeling of elegance and luxury. Two of the most popular ranges are the S20 and S50 ranges which cover all the mainstay designs of close coupled, back to wall and the wall hung styles. Their smooth sided pans have a confident and curvaceous look that blends well with any modern setting.  VitrA toilets have several unique features such as the rimless design pans which makes for easier cleaning with the emphasis on creating a more hygienic bathroom. This innovation is used to great effect on their other ranges such as the Zentrum, Matrix and Arkitekt . Meticulously designed toilet seats provide the finishing touch and can be specified in both a standard form or as the soft-closing style which pampers your WC with its light and elegant closing mechanism.

VitrA Basins

The bathroom is a place to retreat and recharge your batteries so a well-chosen basin can be used to embellish and enhance the bathroom experience. A wide variety of styles is on hand with the standard family basin being the most popular. The S20 and S50 designs can be specified on both curved and square forms in a wide array of sizes from the tiny cloakroom size of 450mm wide right up to 650mm. To keep your new bathroom looking at its best, half or full-length pedestals can be fitted underneath them to hide ugly pipework from sight. Other styles include the semi-recessed basin which sits comfortably on the front of vanity units and can be found in other ranges such as Arkitekt and Zentrum. For those with a passion for decluttering and smooth functionality, the top mounted or under counter basins are the answer.

VitrA Furniture

The modern bathroom does not need to be cluttered without anywhere to keep all your toiletries and towels. The latest trend is for installing a vanity unit which also incorporates the basin saving not only on wall space but also giving you huge amounts of storage. The S50 and S20 ranges offer everything you need from soft closing drawers to a range of up to date colours. The newly introduced ranges of D-Light and Ecora offer lighting options inside the drawers so finding anything inside is easily accomplished, even in the dark. Clip-on feet offer a freestanding look if you need a more traditional style.

Designer Collections

For the discerning customer who only wants the best, VitrA has introduced the Designer collection. Covering all aspects of their bathroom products, the faultless design and exceptional form of these pieces offer flair and ingenuity coupled with VitrA’s signature build quality. Pushing bathroom technology to the limits, the V-Care toilets are a wall hung solution for someone who needs extra care when using the toilet. Their rimless design blends seamlessly with the wash and dry functions making them practical and hygienic.  Storage solutions allow you to take control of every inch of space in your bathroom with M-Line, Frame and Sento heading up the obvious choices. Matching or contrasting with your existing bathroom components is straightforward due to the extensive colour options and with natural wood finishes also available, their warm, natural tones will work well with classic and contemporary bathrooms. Invisible fixings give mirror cabinets a neat, sophisticated style to your bathroom and will enhance your bathroom visit with their additional lighting and built-in shaver sockets. VitrA Nest and T4 offer multiple widths which can be playfully matched to vanity units underneath creating a spa-like experience in your bathroom.

Just get in touch if you need our help and benefit from the expertise of our sales staff (we’re very friendly!) VitrA can help you get the bathroom of your dreams and with our guiding touch, you can take delivery sooner than you think.